aquarain gravity water filter system

Water contamination is the scourge of RV’ers, across this nation, and for those who travel outside the US, it could even be a matter of life and death. No single concern should be greater than safe water for those who travel and desire a safe camping experience. People can be exposed to potentially harmful water from a variety of sources that might otherwise seem safe, but in fact are dangerous. Until now, there has been no reliable way to protect your drinking water within the RV, or campsite itself. A plethora of dangerous chemical and microbiological waterborne problems currently exist in many of the water supplies used by RV’ers.  Existing treatment methods are often ineffective, with some dangerous pathogenic organisms like Cryptospordium thriving even in chemically disinfected water. Many RV sites offer nasty smelling water that is cloudy or even corrosive. This is not surprising, since most locations are somewhat remote and depend on questionable surface waters or shallow wells.  You can make the water in your campsite safe with the AquaRain Water Filter System.

The AquaRain utilizes the very latest in safe and dependable Ceramic Water Filtration Technology. Highly specialized ceramic filter cartridges, combining natural clays and diatomaceous earth, are carefully formed with a patented extrusion technology, and “fired” in a computer regulated kiln to exacting tolerances. These high-tech ceramics reliably remove dangerous protozoa and bacteria from your water system without using chemicals, electrical energy, or wasting water. The ceramic cartridge is especially effective in removing unsightly cloudiness and destructive silt from your water supply. The long lasting hard ceramic shell is very durable, can be cleaned up to 100 times, and includes a simple integral wear gauge.

The water problems faced by RV owners are truly unique and quite specialized, being affected by a mobile lifestyle and exposure to extreme differences in water quality found throughout a vast variety of campsites across the USA and beyond. Further complicating matters is the need to keep the “solution” rugged, serviceable and most importantly, compact in size. Additional considerations include the avoidance of unnecessary water consumption and excessive energy usage. Several different methods have been tried for RV’s in the past, including complicated chemical disinfection schemes and “sediment” filtration systems. It is commonly known today that chemical treatments are not only dangerous, but are often unreliable, and are even downright ineffective against certain organisms. Some systems have ignored waterborne microbiological hazards and tried to use simple “disposable” cartridges that only reduce turbidity, taste or odors. Overall these systems are costly to operate, require a high level of maintenance, and only provide partial protection at best.

- Latest ceramic technology provides positive microbiological protection.
- GAC Carbon to reduce chlorine, organic chemicals, tastes & odors.
- System Clarifies cloudy, turbid water to a crystal clear beauty.
- Cleanable surface provides for long and reliable cartridge life.
- Cartridge has a life expectancy of 2,500 gallons or more.
- Does not waste water, nor consume energy to operate.
- The system is small in size and very easy to service.
- Meets stringent NSF requirements for Cysts, VOC’s, MTBE, and Chlorine removal.
- Exceeds USEPA Purifier Requirements for Bacteria and Protozan Cyst Removal
- Made in the Heartland of the U.S.A.

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AquaRain is currently developing a pressurized advanced ceramic whole RV system that will carry the name CampSafe and should be available later in the year.  If you are interested in this product, please email us at